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Poetry – The Seeker of the Light

By Bohdan

The wind has brought dark clouds

From across the mountains

To settle in the valley

Where mankind did dwell

The fires alone could not lighten

The darkness that dwelled in man’s ignorance

For man had groped through a forest so thick

That sunlight could not penetrate

In his despair man awoke to his heart

And a glimmer of light shone upon his being

For now he began to question his existence ,

His actions and thoughts

A love profound had awoke in man’s mind

His desire to know

And the thirst to feel love

Because the turning point in man’s hope

For the truth that was always there

A gentle breeze came  out from the East

And it pushed the dark clouds away

And lo and behold

Man stood in a world

That lifted his spirits so high

The darkness had gone

The flame in man’s heart

Had shone far and bright

For now his conscience

Had become the seeker of the light

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